Dry Stone Walling Association - Cheshire Branch  Registered Charity 289678

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Cheshire Branch



     The Cheshire Branch  runs at least two training courses

    each year for beginners.


    The courses are held at  weekends and enable beginners

    to receive instruction from qualified wallers.


    The current cost of a course is £100.00 per person , or £85.00

     when enrolled within 10 days of  a show, or £50.00 under the

     age of 25 for the two days and details of  the venue and dates

    can be found on the diary opposite. Course gift vouchers can be

    purchased and can be redeemed later in the year.


    You will need to take a packed lunch, drinks, wear good all

    weather clothing, strong footwear and a pair of strong

     gloves.  All tools will be provided.


     During the two days we aim to cover stripping out an existing

     wall, grading the stone, setting out walling pins and lines,

    preparation of foundations, wall building including foundations,

    first lift, through stones, second lift and coping stones. Armed

     with this basic knowledge you will be in a position to build

     your own wall but to improve much practice will be needed.


We put together a calendar of events and activities, including dates of our Training Courses, at the beginning of each year.


To view the full programme for 2019 please click here.